graphic artist



Bachelor’s degree in Art or Graphic Design, and 36 months experience as a digital artist in visual effects.



The position will involve extremely sophisticated graphic design tasks involve isolating graphic objects and / or
people in the background or foreground in order to manipulate the graphic composition, and then inserting the desired
image, scenes or images. The Graphic Artist also composites graphic images using advanced compositing software and
plug-ins as well as adjusting the lighting and color correction of the footage, and ensuring no harsh edges and green spills is evident in the final graphic composition. The Graphic Artist also edits, synchronizes and manipulates the graphics, timing and camera movements to achieve desired effects. This person will also prepare the more complex and difficult shots for Sr. artists to work on. This includes, but is not limited to, preparing shots with the help of the Asst. editors, helping keep shot lists organized, and supervising renders on behalf of the other artists. The Graphic Artist will also be responsible for archiving projects once complete. This requires the individual to have intricate knowledge of how projects are organized, across multiple software packages, and know what elements are required to allow for the recreation of a project if required by the clients.

Duties can be categorized into 3 parts as well as its assigned percentage of time:


  1. Graphic Design and pre-composite - 60%

  • After Effects Pre-Compositing, Tracking and project prep/clean up;

  • Help prepare and keep shot lists organized with Supervisor;

  • Camera tracking and stabilization, based on perspective, and geometric angles;

  • Preparing Shots for Sr. Artists to insert effects or design in during the process of animation- this includes coordinating with Editorial staff on what shots need graphics added and how long shots will be;

  • Editing graphics and images and exporting this for other team members to use; Create Textures; Create animated graphic elements; Search various libraries for stock footage or design elements if requested by Sr. artist or clients;


  1. Graphic Design Compositing - 30%

  • Composite greenscreen footage;

  • Composite pre-keyed visual effects graphic elements;

  • Generate specific graphic visual effects for different shots;

  • Adjusting lighting and color correction of the composition;

  • Ensuring smooth edges and remove any green spills from the composition.


  1. Archiving - 10%

  • Clean up and re-organize projects once finalized;

  • Gather all final elements required;

  • Prepare archive along with IT team;

  • If required by client, pull archived projects for use on other projects.


Complex Software and concepts that the Graphic Artist Will Use:

  • Microsoft Office Suite Google Docs Adobe After Effects;

  • Adobe Photoshop; Adobe Illustrator;

  • Adobe Premiere Pro;

  • Mocha Apple Final Cut Pro;

  • Cinema 4D

  • Trapcode plug in suite

  • Re: Vision Effects plug in suite

  • Other various plugins such as: Element, Form and Optical Flares;

  • Network rendering and using scripts such as BG Renderer

  • Shared Storage systems such as EditShare

  • Strong grasp of broadcast and film color spaces, including but not limited to: sRGB, Rec709, Log and Liner color space.

  • Understanding of Photo Sensitive Epilepsy as it pertains to animation and broadcast standards. Ability to run the test (know as the Harding test) and implement changes to pass that test with out compromising the creative vision of the work.


Work Location: This position is located at The Product Factory, LLC offices located at 2725 W. Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505.  


The Product Factory, LLC 2725 W. Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505. To apply interested parties contact

 Attn: George Rizkallah, Owner/CEO at