Founded in 2004, The Product Factory was built upon a talented community of creative professionals who continue to bring excitement and dedication to a wide array of post-production solutions.  Our mission is to facilitate the vision of our clients by utilizing a comprehensive staff of creative problem solvers.  We pride ourselves on being a destination designed to help filmmakers and artists take full advantage of the latest in technology.

The Product Factory has an intimate post-house feel while supporting some of the biggest names in film and television including Marvel Studios, Lion’s Gate Films, Fox and Universal Studios.  From well known pop-culture hits like Beavis and Butthead and The Avengers to small, independent features, The Product Factory applies an all-encompassing team of creative professionals to every project.  Whether it is editorial, visual effects, color correction, graphics or sound design, no creative vision is too big or too small for The Product Factory.


George Rizkallah is a dual threat, part computer geek, part dynamic preditor (producer/editor).  His prowess for engineering cutting-edge post-production systems and innovative workflows has been documented in HighDef Magazine & Computer Graphics World.  While his skills as a creative editor have been hailed in Daily Variety.   In 2004, George combined these two skill sets and founded The Product Factory, a one-stop solution for the every changing entertainment industry’s post-production needs. The Product Factory takes full advantage of all the digital age has to offer to create cost-effective answers for film and television without sacrificing the high quality the industry demands. 

George’s cost-cutting practices in combination with his ability to attract top-notch editors, visual effect artists, and creative talent, has garnered his company an impressive and loyal client base including Marvel Animation, Cartoon Network, Film Roman, Lions Gate, The Disney Channel, The Jim Henson Company, Warner Bros, Mark Burnett Productions, and Paramount Pictures, to name a few.

George began his career at the renowned Valencia Film program in Orlando Florida, earning an A.S. in Film Production Technology and working closely with Gregg Hale (Blair Witch Project) and George Romero.  He also holds a B.S. in Film and Photography from Ithaca College where he wrote, produced, and animated the acclaimed 3D short “Chasing Tale.”

Today, George can be still be found at The Product Factory in Burbank, California where he continues to serve as owner and CEO helping filmmakers and artists see their visions on screens of all shapes and sizes.